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HV Hydrafacial Treatment

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  5. HV Hydrafacial Treatment

One of the most up-to-date, non-invasive, skin-surface renewing facial treatments. A multi-step technique that promotes cell regeneration. HV Hydrafacial includes the following processes:

  • purification
  • gentle chemical peels,
  • vacuum lymphatic massage,
  • pore cleansing
  • antioxidant protection
  • deep tissue nutrition

HV Hydrafacial treatment restores skin balance, intensively tightens pores & improves skin tone. Effectively lightens skin surface pigmentations, blemishes and smoothes wrinkles.

Clinically proven results:

  • wrinkles -60%
  • pigment spots -64%
  • smoother, softer, radiant skin +74%

“Lunch-time” treatment, no pain, no recovery time. Due to its spectacular immediate results, we highly recommend it before important events.

For everyone, all skin types – sensitive, dry, oily, inflamed, irritated, rosacea – for all ages.

HV Hydrafacial Skinceuticals Basic

28 900 HUF

45 minutes

HV Hyrdafacial Delux

39 900 HUF

55 minutes

HV Hydrafacial Delux lifting

55 900 HUF

75 minutes

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