• HV Haircare Sculp Treatment
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 occasion: 19 690 HUF
  • Pass (6 occasions): 103 960 HUF
The main reason for the weakening of the hair is that due to bad nutrition and absorption problems, the roots of the hair do not get enough nutrients.

During consultation we recommend food that help strenghten the hair. With a computerised health check we can ascertain the real reason behind hair loss.

During the HV hair treatment we apply vitamins that nourish the hair bulbs and with a special machine we activate their vital functions.

Treatment of the hairy scalp with mesotherapy can provide a solution to a variety of problems.

For example:

abnormal hair loss, excess oily hair, thinning of hair, baldness. The treatment is effective because we introduce the active ingredients directly to the layer where they can be integrated immediately. The method of introduction can be needle and needle free mesotherapy. Treatments are tailored to each client, and usually 6-10 occasions are necessary (recommend every 2-3 weeks).

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