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Summer skincare – July offers

We all dream of flawless, sun kissed skin, but as well as aggravating air-con and oil build-up, the weather affects our complexions in different ways. As such, it’s important to adapt your skincare in line with the temperature.

What if you hate the way your sun cream feels? The solution here is to find a sunscreen that doesn’t actually feel like a sunscreen. HV SunCare Day Cream moisturising your skin while protects against both UVA and UVB rays!

Summer skincare - July offers

Summer skincare – July offers

It’s important for everyone to spend some time in the sun. It’s also just as important to be familiar with the basic sun safety principles.
Your bodies need enough vitamin D to help produce calcium for healthy bones. However, regular or excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays will increase your chances of developing sun spots, moles and even skin cancer. It also accelerates the ageing process.

Always apply sunscreen evenly and liberally to exposed skin 20 minutes before sun exposure. You should reapply sunscreen regularly, every 2 hours or more often when sweating and also after swimming or towelling.

Always read the labels and use only as directed.

With HV HydroCare Serum and HV SunCare Day Cream protection cream, you get HV HydroCare Cleanser face cleanser as bonus!

  • HV HydroCare Serum 50ml: skin rejunevation serum with extra hyaluronic acid and collagen,
  • HV SunCare Day Cream 50ml: protection cream, actively protecting the facial skin against the summer sun while outdoors, hiking or holidays, 
  • Bonus HV HydroCare Cleanser 50ml: a unique facial cleanser which does not only gently clean the skin, but its hyaluronic acid and collagen ingredients also hydrate the facial skin.

/The price of the 3 products together is HUF 19,500 (the value of the bonus product is HUF 3,600)./

HV Travel Kit

HV Travel Kit

Keep your skin protected all day with HV Travel Kit pack! Protect & Moisture, perfect for every occasion. Apply generously for immediate UV protection while keeping your skin moisturised, whether you’re taking a walk in the park or a dip in the ocean.

🌞 HV HydroCare Serum 50ml – Anti-ageing Serum
🌞HV HydroCare 24h 50ml – Moisture Cream
🌞HV HydroCare Cleanser 50ml – Foam base facial cleanser
🌞HV SunCare Day Cream 50ml – Protection Cream for Summer&Winter
🌞Transparent, aqua blue travel bag with HV Logo

HV Travel Kit is now dicounted by 15%, and is HUF 28,900 – instead of HUF 34,100!



Summer offer!

We apply the active substances containing hyaluronic acid and collagen with a quantum mechanical device. It is a procedure on a pre-specified skin problem, which exerts its effect using the proper complexes of active substances, and the skin is treated with the vibrations that are in accordance with these substances, as well as the gathered information. The treatment is very pleasant, relaxing and its immediate effect induces a spectacular and lasting change in the skin’s structure. The results are tight and hydrated skin, reduced dark circles and smoothed out wrinkles.

The procedure includes:

– 75 minutes
– removal with HV Cleanser
– biological scrubbing
– HV MAGIQSKIN – bioresonance-lifting
– hyaluronic massage
– hydrating, firming mask
– finishing protection cream

PASCAUD L3 + Innovatív II bérlet

PASCAUD L3 + Innovatív II pass

Skin rejunevation, tightening, wrinkle removal

This treatment is a powerful solution for skin problems, due to its unique, intensive cocktail of substances. This anti-ageing treatment provides spectacular results, improving the self-protective mechanism and the condition of the mature skin, hindering the ageing process of the epidermis. The tone of the skin will become splendid, smooth and lively again.

The treatment includes:
– 2 pcs L3 Laser Lifting + Innovative II + hydration mask
– 2 pcs L3 Laser + collagen mask
– 4 pcs Enzym Peeling

Innovative II serum has been developed to combat the first visible signs of ageing and to prevent the ageing of the skin. The effectiveness of the active vitamin C of 79% is scientifically proved. The mixture of vitamin C becomes an effective serum of maximal stability, penetrating the lower skin layers.

The price of the treatment is HUF 108,460 until 31 July which is discounted by 15% from the original price of HUF 127,600.


Luxury treatment with spectacular results

PASCAUD L3 LIFTING treatment is applied for wrinkle correction, skin tightening and structure refinement. It is a complex skin rejuvenation cosmetic program. It greatly improves the cell metabolism, therefore all skin functions are boosted. It also boosts collagen production and spectacularly improves the body lines, making the skin tight and shaped.

The treatment includes:
– 2 pcs L3 Laser Lifting + collagen mask
– 2 pcs L3 Laser + Repair massage
– 4 pcs Enzym Peeling
The price of the treatment is HUF 99,960 until 31 July which is discounted by 15% from the original price of HUF 117,600.

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