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Skin rejuvenating treatments on discount during March

HV Collagen Induction Therapy

3+1 session skin rejuvenating treatment

March is the month of spring renewal! On this occasion we offer a discount on the Harangvölgyi skin rejuvenating treatments.
With our 3+1 session season ticket we refresh the area around the eyes, we close the pores, we soften the wrinkles and following the dry and cold winter the skin becomes hydrated and tight once again.

HV Ritual home face care package + HV LipCare Balm as a gift

HV Ritual 29.500 HUF

+ gift HV LipCare Balm

A package containing everything needed for home skin care! During March, the HV Ritual package costs only 29.500 HUF instead of 32.900 HUF and we add as a gift an HV LipCare Balm, which costs 1.495 HUF if bought separately.

The HV Ritual package contains the following: protection cream, hydrating-tightening cream, anti-ageing serum and a face wash. /The total value of all products if bought separately is 37.000 HUF/

HV Body treatments 3+1 occassion season tickets

HV Body treatments 3+1 occassion season ticket

+ discount on wave massage treatment

Our Harangvölgyi body treatment discounts are available duing March as well! Buy a 3+1 occasion season ticket for LPG, Technispa or Regen body treatments and you get the discount price of 3.500 HUF for our wave massage treatment!

  • LPG body shaping and cellulite body treatment, relaxation, sport and therapeutical treatments. Effective, gentle and painless, suitable for targeted lipolysis, and for managing aesthetic skin problems along with problems associated with aging, for tightening, effective and gentle alternative to liposuction, moreover it alleviates varicose vein, circulation and muscle complaints. Available at our Ó Street salon during the whole month of March, 45-minute treatment per occasion.
  • Our Techni SPA treatment exercises our muscles, enhances fat metabolism and stimulates the blood – and lymphatic circulation and it also tightens the skin. Our offer is available at our Ó Street salon during the whole month of March, 45 minute treatment on each occasion.
  • At our Zugló salon we recommend the Regen body shaping treatment within our 3+1 occasion season ticket offer. It reduces double chin, tightens the abdominal wall, shapes and slims the thigh and knee areas. Effective body treatment for fat reduction of the inner thigh and around the back of the waist. / per body area /

HV Fresh Skin 3+1 session treatment

HV Fresh Skin

3+1 session treatment

With the HV Fresh Skin, skin rejuvenating facial treatment we gently remove the dead skin cells. Our skin will be rejuvenated, fresh and smooth. Thanks to the treatments the pores close, crow’s feet around the eye area fade and sebum production is reduced. Excellent treatment to get our skin ready for the new season!

Harangvölgyi Pigmentation Reducing treatment

Harangvölgyi Pigmentation Reducing treatment

Price of course of treatments: 84.900 HUF instead of 93.800 HUF

Is your facial skin prepared for the first sunrays of spring? The Harangvölgyi pigmentation reducing treatment helps diminish already existing pigmentations and the course of treatments helps in the defense of the skin, thus reducing the chance of the formation of new pigmentations.
The natural ingredients and vitamin C essence used during the treatments, your sin will be fresh and shiny. The course of treatments increases skin hydration, self-regenerating capability and circulation.
With the arrival of spring you can make use of the discount on the 6 session course of treatments.

The Harangvölgyi Institute wishes you a Happy Women’s Day

Harangvölgyi Women’s Day with 10% discount card

The Harangvölgyi Institute wishes you a Happy Women’s Day

On March 8 we celebrate the ladies! Surprise your mother, your sweatheart, your colleagues, or your friends with a Women’s day gift card granting a 10% discount, which can be bought on March 6, 7 and 8 in our salons or on our webshop.

The gift cards can be used up within 6 months.

//Our offers are valid from March 1st until March 31st. Can not be used with other discounts. We reserve the right to make changes! Free home delivery within Hungary for orders above 20.000 HUF.//

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