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Kleanthous Week 12-17 February

With the SkinTone SKINJECTION treatment, you may lose 5-10 years at once!
Kleanthous SKINJECTION treatment is a perfect choice before going to an event, as it provides a remarkable lifting result already after the first time – and the effect will last for several days!

During the Kleanthous Week, the price of the treatment is HUF 86 500 instead of the original price of HUF 101 700, if you buy a 3-session pass (3×60 minutes)
The price of Kleanthous 24/7 pass with refreshing vitamin E and collagen for the treatment of the facial wrinkles is HUF 66 000 instead of the original price of HUF 77 700, if you buy a 3-session pass!
Between 12 and 17 February, all Kleanthous products are discounted by 15%!

Kleanthous Hét 2018. február 12-17.

Offers for detoxification and relaxation

HV HydroCare Body is a unique anti-aging body lotion, tightening and nurturing your skin together with HV SPA Solutions Beauty Oil; use them together, so you can forget the feeling of dry skin, especially during the windy, cold and dry winter season.

The price of the package, including a bonus bath salt is HUF 11 400, the value of the bonus product is HUF 1600.

Kleanthous Hét 2018. február 12-17.

Winter face care

Due to its high content of hyaluronic acid, the HV HydroCare 24h hydration lotion optimizes the moisture content of the skin, and its active ingredients provide an intensive care for the skin, boosting its regenerative and self-protective mechanism against the adverse environmental impact during the inclement winter weather.

In February, you get a bonus HV LipCare Balm lip balm as well, in order to prevent parched and rough lips!

The price of the package is HUF 11 000, the value of the bonus lip balm is HUF 1495.

Kleanthous Hét 2018. február 12-17.

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