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Beauty care, anti-ageing
and skin rejuvenation

Harangvölgyi Institute
beauty salon and cosmetic centre
in Budapest and Győr

We provide beauty care and skin rejuvenation services based on the experience, traditions, and family secrets of a quarter of a century. For more than 25 years, the Harangvölgyi family has been dedicated to working on youth preservation with a scientific approach to beauty care, fully respecting the wonders of nature.

Our passion for ageless beauty began with a grandmother who worked as a hairdresser and groomed the biggest stars of the time with love and humility for nearly 60 years, and continued with a mother, an internationally acclaimed beautician, and her daughter, Anna Harangvölgyi, who followed in her footsteps.

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Anna Harangvölgyi - Harangvölgyi Institute beauty salon and cosmetic centre in Budapest and Győr

“It is very important to me to combine the use of natural ingredients and the craft of beauty care with the revolutionary innovations and state-of-the-art solutions of skin rejuvenation while preserving the traditions of the past generations. This way, I can create particularly efficient anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments and products, which allow our clients to improve their looks naturally, yet in the most noticeable way possible.”

Anna Harangvölgyi

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our philosophy of beauty care is based on past experiences, environmental awareness, dedication to natural ingredients, and a combination of modern technologies and revolutionary innovations. This unique beauty concept is now a well-known, widely recognised trademark in the field of skin care and rejuvenation —not only in Hungary but throughout Europe.

We regularly participate in trainings and international courses so that we can obtain first-hand information about recent developments in the rapidly transforming beauty industry, which ensures that our clients will also be among the first ones to try the latest beauty procedures.

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Harangvölgyi Institute Kozmetikai termékek


Harangvölgyi Institute Kozmetikai termékek

Environmentally conscious

Harangvölgyi Institute Kozmetikai termékek


Harangvölgyi Institute Kozmetikai termékek


Brand portfolio

Our own range of cosmetic products is guaranteed to cater to all kinds of needs and they offer solutions to every skin problem. Our carefully selected, pure active ingredients and innovative formulas represent a new trend in biological skin rejuvenation, and they complement the effectiveness of our unique salon treatments perfectly.

The consciously designed environment will help you enjoy our treatments and beauty programmes in a completely relaxed state, facilitating moments of perfect self-reflection. Each treatment is personalized: we always take into account your individual needs and problems, which is why we carry out a health check and a consultation before the treatment. Our reference salons operate in a franchise system, which guarantees that you can enjoy the same quality of service in any of them.

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