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Hello June! – Summer is here! :)

Június - Kezdődik a nyár!

Already prepared for summer? In June, Harangvölgyi brings you offers for sun protection and hydration!

Harangvölgyi face protection for summer

Harangvölgyi face protection for summer

The high titanium-dioxide and zinc content of HV SunCare Day Cream provides a thin coating which physically hinders UVA and UVB radiation from reaching the skin surface, so unlike the chemical ingredients, this cream does not damage your body and especially your skin. Bisabolol and vitamine E are also included in the cream, taking good care of your skin.

With HV HydroCare Serum and HV SunCare Day Cream protection cream, you get HV HydroCare Cleanser face cleanser as bonus!

  • HV HydroCare Serum 50ml: skin rejunevation serum with extra hyaluronic acid and collagen,
  • HV SunCare Day Cream 50ml: protection cream, actively protecting the facial skin against the summer sun while outdoors, hiking or holidays, 
  • Bonus HV HydroCare Cleanser 50ml: a unique facial cleanser which does not only gently clean the skin, but its hyaluronic acid and collagen ingredients also hydrate the facial skin.

/The price of the 3 products together is HUF 19,500 (the value of the bonus product is HUF 3,600). HV SunCare Body cream is discounted by 25%, if you buy it with the product!/

HV Travel Kit

HV Travel Kit

HV Travel Kit protects and hydrates your skin when you spend your time outdoors. Bring it with you for your holidays in an Aqua blue cosmetic bag!

HV Travel Kit is now dicounted by 15%, and is HUF 28,900 – instead of HUF 34,100. HV SunCare Body cream is discounted by 25%, if you buy it with the product!

HV Anti-Cellulite body treatment

HV Anti-Cellulite body treatment

HV CelluCare tightening cream

This chaping cellulite cream with paprika extract is rich in natural fatburning ingredients, therefore it is extra powerful against cellulite and strias. It provides its lipotropic effect in the lower layers of the connective tissue, directly at the fat. Use it regularly and your skin will become tighter and better hydrated.


The package of HV body tightening treatment and HV CelluCare Thermo Anti-Cellulite tightening cream (150ml) is now discounted by 15%, so instead of HUF 19,100, now you can get it for HUF 16,000.

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