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The history of Harangvölgyi Institute

Youth preservation with a scientific approach to beauty care and full respect for the wonders of nature —these core values have been at the heart of the Harangvölgyi family’s work for over 25 years.
Our quarter century of experience along with the family’s secret recipes and traditions are the guarantees of the high level of expertise underpinning the success and the international recognition of the Harangvölgyi brand today.
We develop skincare products, skin rejuvenation procedures, and professional training courses by pushing our boundaries towards the most innovative solutions.

Why the Harangvölgyi?

Our philosophy

Harangvölgyi’s philosophy of beauty care is based on experience, the purity and effectiveness of natural ingredients, and the combination of modern scientific methods.
It is a unique beauty care concept, which is known and recognized today in the field of skin care and skin rejuvenation not only in Hungary, but also throughout Europe.
Continuous development, progress, and often being at the forefront of international scientific research and development —these are the secrets underlying the success of Harangvölgyi’s unique cosmetic treatments, highly effective innovative products, and comprehensive professional trainings.
Our most important mission is to preserve ageless beauty, slowing down the ageing process of the skin naturally using the gifts of the Earth and applying revolutionary technologies.

Our philosophy

Brand portfolio

Our unique and synergistic proprietary range of products and cosmetic treatments are designed and continuously developed to provide our guests with a personalized and natural yet spectacular effect.
Our clinically proven face and body care products respect and adapt to the skin’s natural processes, using pure and effective natural ingredients and innovative technologies to deliver biological skin rejuvenation through our treatments —to always guarantee satisfaction for our customers and to make them return.
Clients visiting any of our reference and franchise salons will always have the same quality Harangvölgyi service and the same personalized professional methods tailored to their individual needs and problems, whether it is cosmetic or aesthetic treatment.

A Harangvölgyi története

Our mission

Every guest is unique and special.

At Harangvölgyi’s, the most important thing is to preserve beauty, but that doesn’t mean external beauty only.
We are committed to helping our guests to find harmony within themselves, so that their lives become more balanced and they feel more comfortable with regard to every aspect of their lives.
Each guest is unique, with different lifestyles, needs, and attitudes to beauty.
We take these special, unique needs and expectations into account in every one of our salons to ensure the best possible salon experience and the best results for our guests.

Our mission

Harangvölgyi training for Professionals

Following international trends and innovations, Harangvölgyi Institute continuously supports its franchise partners and beauticians with a wide range of professional trainings.
Our training materials are always tailored to the given season to help our partners’ work, and regular training sessions provide our professionals with first-hand knowledge of the beauty industry’s explosive new developments.

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